Brand new Greek Wonders dating back to nearly 5000 BC are that Ancients utilized precisely what the world offered them of course

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Brand new Greek Wonders dating back to nearly 5000 BC are that Ancients utilized precisely what the world offered them of course

The fresh Ancients have always appreciated real charm. Within the song the help of its authorities and their absolute process of getting older, Greeks tend to work at a means to enhance their looks. New Greek goddesses and you will gods out of love and beauty, having displayed manliness, womanliness, and elegance, created a beauty most readily useful certainly one chatango of Greeks, also gents and ladies regarding all of the parts of society, hence not only influenced ancient greek charm programs however, also has had a lasting impact on modern-day absolute skincare solutions. To the present go out, Greeks are-understood and you can respected for their esteemed, beauty traditions. More Virgin Organic olive oil, Aloe vera, Prickly Pear, Pomegranate, Honey, and you can Donkey Milk are common-natural products which were cultivated and you will used in Greece to have hair, epidermis, and you may makeup products for more than step 3,100000 decades, and now we try pleased to utilize such delicacies within the CALITHEA’s surface and the entire body care range.


Laden with nutrients, vitamins, and you will anti-oxidants, olive oil restores surface while offering long-lasting moisture. Coconut oil include weight-dissolvable nutrition An excellent, D, E, and you can K. Such nutritional elements are advantageous into skin. Coconut oil-created affairs assist in preventing chapping, advanced build-right up removal, and you can alleviates sunburns. Since ladies grow older, olive oil can also help to protect contrary to the physical signs and symptoms of aging. It is believed that the fresh nuts Olive tree came from old Greece and you can try sacred. Lady carry out anoint themselves from inside the vegetable oil to protect its body on ecosystem. It actually was and additionally utilized in facial goggles to market a very clear-lookin skin tone. Using their diet on the beauty, olive oil is a crucial part off Greek culture.

“Growing upwards for the Kalamata, the next-really populated city of the latest Peloponnese peninsula of Greece, my mom told you she used vegetable oil to own everything. She ready and you may cleaned inside it and you can used they everyday so you can their skin and hair. The woman beliefs was “look good and feel much better,” assuming she passed away on age of 85, she however got beautiful skin,” said George.

Donkey Milk products

Hippocrates (459 BC Greek Dad of Treatments) required it to possess health insurance and surface requirements. Cleopatra bathed on it for silky soft epidermis. Eg Vegetable oil, Donkey milk products has been used and you will acknowledged for centuries due to the fact a good health and natual skin care substance. Donkey whole milk possess effective anti-ageing and you can data recovery features. Full of Omega-3 & 6 efas, protein, and nutrients A good, B1, B2, B6, C, D, and you will Elizabeth hence all the help regenerate and soften your own skin. Donkey Dairy have 4x the amount of supplement C than just Cow’s dairy. To put it differently far more supplement C = so much more exfoliation and therefore = alot more shine. Rich in phospholipids, ceramides, and you can healthy protein it produces a lot of time-long-lasting surface moisture and you can flexibility. Because of its light structure, Donkey Milk is fantastic for individuals with painful and sensitive, dry skin designs and you may conditions, such as for instance psoriasis and you will eczema. Undoubtedly that the Ancients got this 1 proper. Donkey Whole milk was a nutritional Powerhouse for your surface!


The effective use of honey as a cosmetics to have natual skin care from inside the Ancient Greece times to help you 5000 BC. What exactly was it that the Ancients knew regarding the Honey. They could observe that Honey try loaded with most of the such nutritional value: niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acidic, calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorous. Made use of as a beneficial beautifying epidermis and you may anti-inflammatory cleanser, and you can an after-shower cream, honey was also familiar with create deal with-goggles and body scrubs. You will find five instantaneous advantages of adding Honey depending activities to the their beauty regimen:

  • It’s the greatest every day cleaner.
  • It is an organic exfoliator.
  • It’s great for treating areas.
  • It is a hydrating moisturizer.
  • It is good for anti-ageing.

Ancient greek language females liked Honey and you may Donkey Whole milk shower curtains as a key part of their nighttime beauty techniques. Olive-oil, Honey, Donkey Dairy.