General account, dollars account, and you can mortgage repayment ledgers, 1938- forty-two

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General account, dollars account, and you can mortgage repayment ledgers, 1938- forty-two

Textual Records (inside the Kansas Town): Communication towards the Administrator out of Indian Things, 1914-19. Company alphabetical communication, 1915-18. Employees suggestions, 1915-18. Details out-of supplies and you will property, 1915-18. Heirship situation files, 1914-15. Institution economic details, 1911-18. Communications and records in accordance with logging, 1911-several. Township questionnaire occupation notes, 1893. House transaction info, 1913-fifteen. Private Indian money (IIM) abstracts, dates, and you can promo codes, 1915-18. Censuses, 1893-1911. Info away from tribal masters, 1922.

Records of the Huge Ronde Agencies, plus characters sent, 1893-1909; emails received, 1863-1907; cashbooks, 1875-1907; dollars ledgers, 1890-1914; Huge Ronde Indian School everyday attendance ledgers, 1892-1901; belongings allocation times, 1888-91; property transfer bid guide, 1902-14; allowance otherwise property list sheets, 1887-94, which have listing notes, 1894; and you will hygienic listing ledgers, 1886-95

Textual Ideas (inside the Seattle): Details of the Siletz Department, plus characters delivered, 1871-1914; characters obtained, 1863-1912; law enforcement information, 1886-1902; cashbooks, 1875-1911; cash ledgers, 1890-1914; issues account publications, 1873-80; family savings and heads out of appropriation ledger, 1879-83; communication of Siletz Indian School, 1908-30; daily attendance suggestions, Siletz Indian University, 1892-1915, and you may Siletz Upper Ranch Date University, 1912-16; timber level ledgers, 1918-37; home allocation times, 1887-94; property transfer quote book, 1902- 14; house allocation heirship notes, 1891-94, 1921; allotment or home number sheet sets, 1887-94, that have list notes, 1894; and hygienic checklist ledgers, 1889-1910. Information of your own Huge Ronde-Siletz Agency, plus decimal file, 1926-50; appropriation ledgers, 1939-42; cost ledger, 1940-41; statistical records, 1938-47; monthly bucks records, 1939-40; formal invoices, 1938-40; personal Indian currency (IIM) ledgers, ledger sheet sets, and you can associated ideas, 1918-36; institution and you can tribal council information, 1876-1951; tribal election ballots, 1935-39; census information, 1925-50; passions system information, 1932-47; Indian Rescue and you may Treatment Endeavor information, 1935-37; college or university checklist census notes, 1932-45; records from Civilian Maintenance Corps apps, 1935-43; online payday loans Indiana suggestions of extension and you can credit apps, 1929-45; tribal belongings subscription goes and you will plan of trust allotments, 1942-54; and you will health and you may scientific authorizations, 1943-47.

Textual Facts (within the Chicago): Individual Indian currency (IIM) appropriation ledgers, 1924-41. Appropriation ledgers, 1939-41. Individual Indian take a look at registers, 1934-38. Personal Indian membership ledgers, 1927-forty eight. Special dumps ledger, 1924-forty-two. Disbursing finance journals, 1941-50.

Textual Records (in il): Suggestions away from Representative E. Stephens, 1879- 85. Letters gotten because of the superintendent, 1903-6. Records out-of activities to annuity roll Indians, 1879. Ideas off logs ended up selling, 1888- 90.

Textual Ideas (when you look at the San francisco): Standard communication, 1894- 1921. Management data files, 1895-1923. Annual narrative and you may mathematical reports, 1912-19. Tribal census, 1903-23. Conceptual of individual Indian money (IIM) and special dumps, 1918-23. Ledger off invoices, 1896-98. List regarding receipts and you can disbursements, 1907-17. Appropriation ledger, 1917-21. Property administration communications, 1920-23. Allowance app check in, california. 1910. Belongings allocation assessment plan, ca. 1920. Flash draw trademark notes, 1920-twenty five. Beginner files, 1897- 1906. Quarterly boarding school attendance profile, 1896-1919. Individual scholar facts, 1909-19. Public school facts, 1920- 23. Farming and you will grazing accommodations, 1912-23.

Charts (seven situations, from inside the San francisco): Township questionnaire plats portraying belongings belonging to the Greenville University and you will Indian Service, 1867- 85. Pick Together with .

Rehab loan cost ledgers, 1917-56

Textual Details (inside the San francisco): Letters sent, 1900-46. Communication, 1911-twenty-six. Administrative files, 1896-1947. Yearly story and you will statistical accounts, 1907-forty. Check and you will analysis account, 1910-twenty-six. Build data files, 1911-26. Tribal census rolls, 1902-41. “List regarding Teams,” 1880-1910. Indian criminal background and you can associated telecommunications, 1895-1935. Wills and associated information, 1891-1908. Financial and you can accounting suggestions, 1909-twenty six. Registers out-of receipts and you can disbursements, 1875-1919. Appropriation ledgers, 1918-41. Private Indian money (IIM) ledgers, 1915-46. IIM levels, 1941-47. Property telecommunications, 1894-1926. Ideas in accordance with belongings allotments, 1899-1926. Right-of-way easement data files, 1954-62. Booking town survey field notes, 1882-ninety-five. Klamath Lake reservation area book, 1894-1909. Ideas of your own Hoopa Irrigation Opportunity, 1924-twenty-eight. Suggestions of your region character, 1910-forty-eight. Forestry occupation courses, 1917-30. Details of the Region Forestry Representative, 1950-54. Health and hygienic reports, 1886-1954. Facts off births and you can deaths, 1902-46. Info based on schools, 1907-43. Topic documents of one’s studies industry representative, 1920-46. College or university census rolls, 1911-42. Hoopa Boarding College or university documents, 1896-1916. Public-school sign in, 1926-30. Records of your Civil Maintenance Corps- Indian Division, also administrative files of your Creation Coordinating Officer, 1933-43; Hoopa Area Institution administrative documents based on Civil Conservation Corps-Indian Division points, 1933-43; correspondence according to for example ideas as drinking water advancement, horse and you can vehicle trails, and you can framework out of tracks, links, and you may towers, 1933-41, which have related maps and you can blueprints; forest supervisor’s administrative data files, 1931-33; monetary info, 1933-37; time accounts, 1934-42; Indian Crisis Preservation Work subscription app cards, 1933- 35; Civil Preservation Corps-Indian Office enrollee number cards, 1938-39; and FBI civil fingerprint notes, 1938-39.