Regardless of this, Georgia pretends to own heard absolutely nothing and you will kindly informs their moms and dads good-bye

Ngày đăng: 2023-03-12

Regardless of this, Georgia pretends to own heard absolutely nothing and you will kindly informs their moms and dads good-bye

Georgia and you may Paul see Paul’s mothers one evening, and you may within the Thanksgiving dinner Paul’s mothers and you can brother ask Georgia throughout the herself, and also concerned whenever Georgia says which have a few kids regarding some other fathers, and are usually a great deal more postponed whenever she demonstrates that the children are not spending Thanksgiving along with their mom.

Paul gets up facing their parents however, but Georgia is actually saddened because of the reading Paul’s father tell him the woman is the sort of lady ‘for enjoyable having, not marry’.

Georgia gets psychological providing having Zion, discussing exactly how Ginny and Austin went qeep away eg she went away whenever she is younger. Zion corrected her and you will asserted that this was nothing can beat exactly how Georgia went out, alluding toward reality new Georgia was required to flee out of their abusive step-dad. Zion introduces Austin these are Fry-big date, Georgia gets thrilled and Zion reveals this lady to organize Fry-time your day just after to while doing so get back with her kids, to which Georgia at some point believes. After the name, Georgia conversations which have Paul towards discussion that have Zion, and on the Fry-day.

Upon returning domestic, Georgia quickly calls Zion, which tells the lady towards babies missing the woman along with his parents delivering its love to the girl, that Georgia are shocked and you may acts sarcastic

The following day, Zion provides Ginny and you will Austin house. Georgia are first reunited having Austin, that is first unwilling but with tickles and jokes of Georgia, Austin shows their pleasure observe their mother again. Ellen will bring Ginny back once again to Georgia’s house immediately after finding this lady inside the Marcus’ garage, it rapidly return. Georgia statements you to definitely she try unacquainted with Ginny bringing Marcus’s motorbike to drive to help you Zion’s. Ginny mentioned that their and you will Austin used helmets, not, Georgia nevertheless seemed concerned of the coverage. Georgia sarcastically said on the coat Ginny was wearing, that has been Georgia’s leather Blood Vision jacket, whenever she was a student in this new biker group since the an adolescent.

Whenever Georgia states Ginny being really hushed and her looking at her dad the entire time, Georgia will get doubtful and requires Ginny to talk to the girl within the the kitchen. Ginny requires Georgia if she can accept Zion, to which Georgia disagrees. Zion almost decides to help, but because Ginny does not want Zion to reveal the real truth about Ginny’s thinking-damage, she sooner gives for the and you will chooses to accept Georgia immediately after most of the, albeit hesitantly. Georgia angrily looks Ginny off since the she guides in the staircase.

Georgia wakes up Ginny, and you can talks with Paul throughout the him getting into this lady place. Paul is actually unwilling in the beginning, but Georgia claims and you can Paul believes.

Following food, Georgia overhears Paul’s parents advising Paul she actually is not the woman to have him, simply because of the challenge with her babies

Later on, Georgia says to Ginny, who may have brushing her white teeth, that she ordered that the fresh new charcoal toothpaste she wants, and also requires her how she wants it. When she understands Ginny is not answering her, she just says to this lady suddenly one to Paul are moving in, that Ginny sarcastically congratulates him.

Later on one date, whenever Ginny returns nevertheless won’t consult with Georgia and you can does not want to consume, Georgia gets upset which have Ginny and you may decides to put most of the restaurants away simply to spite the woman. 24 hours later, whenever Ginny notices all of the food is moved, she faces Georgia about this, to which Georgia responds if she wants to eat, she would be to functions, and this just like the Georgia keeps functions she extends to eat. Ginny reacts you to definitely she comes with a job, but Georgia tells the woman to fix the lady work problem within Bluish Farm. Ginny guides out-of, and you can responses you to we hope Georgia kept specific restaurants to own Austin.